Mobile MediClaim Featured in Washington State Pharmacy Association Magazine

Mobile MediClaim, a WSPA business partner who provides cloud-based medical billing practice software designed to integrate pharmacy professionals as part of the medical team, is led by CEO Jean Jendusa. We were lucky enough to get Jean to participate in a discussion about pharmacists as providers and the ever-increasing role a pharmacist has in providing access to better health care. Here is a transcript of our conversation earlier this month.
Why you got into developing medical billing solutions, Jean?

As a second-generation pharmacy owner of numerous stores with hundreds of patients, I understand the power of pharmacists. We are affordable, accessible and approachable; and we are in the heart of every community. When working with self-funded employers, I began to think of ways to reduce medical and pharmacy spending and analyzing employee data. Then, the inspiration came to me, “if pharmacists around the nation were actively engaged in helping treat and care for patients, medical and pharmacy spending would be reduced.” What if 280,000 pharmacists networked together to actively care for the patients we were dispensing prescriptions for? And this led me to the creation of Mobile Mediclaim, which is the first cloud-based app for pharmacists, to bill for their professional services.

We’re all seeing nationwide trends in product solutions/enhancement for pharmacy practice. What have you seen lately?

Nationally, I am seeing more emphasis from employers working with their brokers to encourage more prevention. Employers are starting to think out of the box as it pertains to benefits. Online portals are being developed to allow employees access to their benefits and to work closer with their providers. Companies in the electronic health record (EHR) space are now starting to consider the pharmacist as a team player and allowing connectivity between physicians and pharmacists. Momentum is occurring across the nation, which allows pharmacists to be compensated for their services. Labs are also being made available in the independent pharmacy space. Dispensing system software companies are starting to work with us, as we continue our efforts in promoting the enhanced role of pharmacists.

And what changes to are on the horizon for Washington State pharmacists?

Washington State is the best positioned state, in the nation, to be compensated for their professional services. As a pharmacist, licensed in the state of Washington, you have provider status and will receive reimbursement for your professional services, once credentialed. This is an exciting time! You are leading the nation with potential. We empower you to start taking on a more active role and Mobile MediClaim is here to support you and your unlimited opportunities.

Seems like a there’s a bunch of hurdles to cross for successful implementation of provider status and ensuring pharmacists are reimbursed as medical providers…how can your product, Mobile MediClaim, help?

The Pharmacist needs credentialing to be paid for their services. Mobile MediClaim offers credentialing with its subscription. With our 35 plus years in the pharmacy and medical claim payment industry, we focus on getting pharmacists paid for their services, the first time. The pharmacist also needs help with billing follow up, especially if using a physician platform for billing. Mobile MediClaim allows the pharmacist to bill at the point of service, so he/she is not dependent on a physician’s billing office to submit claims and do the follow up, on behalf of the pharmacist. Mobile MediClaim has built in documentation fields with each claim, so the claim is aligned for prompt payment, at the point of sale.

Pharmacists have asked us to bridge the Mobile MediClaim system with dispensing systems. We are now in discussions with several companies to enhance the current system to ensure seamless integration between dispensing and medical billing platforms. Through our partnership, we hope to receive feedback from Washington pharmacists so we know which systems need bridges.

A barrier for some pharmacists across the nation is not being adequately represented to the payers. Mobile MediClaim has connectivity directly to all Medical Payers and Third-Party Administrators. We continue to work with self-funded employers across the country to create enhanced roles for pharmacists. We are currently working with several brokers in Florida and Texas and are looking forward to working in the state of Washington. We are here to evolve with you and enhance your professional opportunities.