Mobile MediClaim’s Strategic Partner

Mobile MediClaim and WSPA form new business partnership to provide medical billing solutions

The Washington State Pharmacy Association (WSPA) and Mobile MediClaim have formed a strategic partnership to offer the Mobile MediClaim software application and services in Washington State.
As a WSPA preferred business partner, Mobile MediClaim will collaborate with WSPA to enhance and empower Washington State pharmacists’ role as patient care providers and provide simplified billing, leadership mentoring and customer development and retention to it’s members.
Mobile MediClaim, a cloud-based software application, connects pharmacists directly with medical payers. Through this partnership, Mobile MediClaim will facilitate clinical documentation, provider communications, and claims submissions so that Washington State pharmacists can focus on caring for their patients. “This partnership is not about the mobile tool used to bill professional health services, rather it’s an opportunity to collaborate and enhance the role of community pharmacists. We are excited to assist pharmacists with payer follow-through to ensure correct reimbursements are made,” said Jean Jendusa, Founder and CEO of Mobile MediClaim.
As a leader in Health and Wellness programs, Mobile MediClaim recognizes the value of pharmacists
in managing chronic diseases and improving community health. With its existing relationships with employers, Mobile MediClaim offers new opportunities to connect Washington State pharmacists with employers seeing to promote a healthier workforce. Using the MediClaim Network, Washington State pharmacists will collaborate with employers to monitor their employees’ medications and recommend interventions to improve outcomes and lower overall medical costs.

About Mobile MediClaim

Founded by a former community pharmacy owner and Pharmacy Benefit/Medical Claim expert, Mobile MediClaim is the optimal solution for pharmacists and employers alike. Both are working together to reduce costs, improve health outcomes, and enhance the role of the community clinical pharmacist. Mobile MediClaim’s mission is to help promote independent practices, transform the perceived role of the pharmacist, and create a truly affordable benefit that helps patients, employers and the clinical pharmacist.