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Jean Jendusa

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“Continuing to expand, enhance & promote the new role of the clinical pharmacist.”

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Mission: To provide cost efficient health care solutions through the use of technology in an atmosphere of professionalism, respect, and effective communication. Vision: Mobile MediClaim is committed to: Partnership: Being an integral partner of your healthcare team. • Recognizing that the pharmacy staff is the most important resource. • Fostering an environment that promotes the cost-effective use of technology. • Recruiting and retaining highly qualified support staff that will assist you in your daily operations.

Education: Fostering an environment designed to advance knowledge of best practice methods in health care. • Training health care members on the use of technology. • Educating healthcare professionals on the lastest state and national policies.. • Develop health education programs for the community to prevent disease and promote public health.

Core Values: Making sound decisions based upon unwavering core values.. • Honesty and Integrity • Respect and Teamwork.

What We Believe: We believe that the community pharmacist has to be at the forefront of providing personal, specialized medical care to patients. Our company, Mobile MediClaim, wants to use technology to bring back the past role of the community pharmacist as a primary care provider to their patients. Our company MMC wants to use technology to bring back the past role of the family practice doctor. who made house calls while adding the clinical pharmacist.  Some medical services that the community pharmacist provides such as:  DME services, Compounding’, consultations for weigh loss, diabetes, hormone therapy , nutrition & drug nutrient depletions, inoculations, opioid managrment, and cardiopulmonary monitoring need to continue to be enhanced. Mobile MediClaim is the solution. The application can be run on a desktop computer or like the name says, it can be mobile by running on any mobile device. Home visits for example, are considered to be a thing of the past, but not anymore with this mobile application. Mobile MediClaim allows the care provider to render services in their pharmacy, at schools, at work places, and at the patient homes. The application allows the provider to perform eligibility checks to verify insurance coverage and co-pays. The ability to manage patients records and run administrative reports allows the provider to track the medical needs of their patients. Insurance claim information is easily collected and the completed claims are electronically scrubbed for accuracy before being sent to the insurance payers for reimbursement. The goals of providing better medical care to the patients and being fully reimbursed are achieved by using Mobile MediClaim.