Creating Revenue For Pharmacists – Mobile MediClaim is currently working with brokers nationally to analyze current medical and pharmacy spend. Mobile MediClaim offers enhanced options to the employer, with additional benefit design services, offered by pharmacists, that are reimbursable for their work. Pharmacists are now part of the solution to improve the health of patients. Our role is to help aggregate independent pharmacists and clinicians, who want to be part of the solution. We will make a difference.

Enables Mobility – By utilizing Mobile MediClaim Software at the pharmacy, at customers’ homes, schools, work places, you now are able to offer your medical services and bill the medical carrier from where you are .

Eligibility Checks – Unlimited, instant medical eligibility access, allows the pharmacist to obtain medical insurance coverage, and understand deductible and co-pay requirements per service.

Patient Records – Medical records are saved for your patients, by capturing your services each time you see your patient.

HIPPA – Online HIPPA form is integrated with every claim and is submitted online with patients consent.

Medical Claims Coding – Mobile MediClaim provides a complete online listing of every diagnosis code and medical procedure code, enabling the pharmacist to accurately bill for his/her services. The pharmacist is also able to customize a list of diagnosis codes and procedure codes for his/her commonly utilized services. All built in AMA tables are easy to use with alpha character access.

Electronic Claim Submission – Mobile MediClaim provides the pharmacist with online submission ability to all payers nationally. It has a built in clearinghouse, which scrubs all claims for accuracy and provides a 99.99% clean claim submission rating. Mobile MediClaim also provides online resubmissions per service item that may need addressing. Our team also offers assistance on all submissions, to ensure accuracy and prompt payment to you, should you prefer extra assistance.

Allows Pharmacists To Be Part Of The Solution – Mobile MediClaim supports the role of pharmacists joining the health care team and getting paid for their services. Pharmacists will help stop overuse, over treatment and over medication, taking out unnecessary costs that the employer is being forced to pay. Pharmacists are now part of the solution to improve the health of patients. We take positive action by participating with Mobile MediClaim. We will make a difference.

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