Providing medical services for chronic care management and preventative care for your patients is essential for their wellness and your bottom line. Mobile MediClaim gives you the tools you need to make that happen.

pharmacist taking healt insurance card

Your membership grants you unlimited, real-time medical eligibility coverage verification and 99% Error free adjudicated claims.


Hosted in a secure, HIPAA compliant, cloud platform with user roles and administrative functions, easy pop up menus that provide all the correct CPT codes and modifiers for billing

Pharmacy network

Enrollment in a National Pharmacist, Well Care Network providing you visibility, support, and new income opportunities.

Pharmacist Looking At Customer Suffering From Headache

Offer healthcare and wellness opportunities to your patients with our CliniCare solution. Diabetes, cholesterol, pain management and more are opportunities to engage with your patients and bill for your services.

Mobile MediClaim provides you the tools to break down the walls between you and your patients. Fill out the form below and get started with us today!

Mobile MediClaim, helping the pharmacist soar to Limitless Opportunity.

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