Mobile MediClaim The New Era of PharmacyTM

Bringing credentialing and medical billing to your pharmacy.

The New Era of PharmacyTM

(noun). The art of using the knowledge taught to you through your PharmD/RPh Curriculum.

(noun). The occupation of a Pharmacist.

(verb). Providing actual clinical work taught during your schooling. (i.e., SOAP notes, consults, being a part of the care team).

(verb). Billing and getting paid for your services, knowledge and expertise.

Contracting and Credentialing

We will get you in network with any medical carrier. It’s that easy! Our team has over 40 years of experience getting you ready to get paid. You pick the plans, we connect you to the network and you are Ready To Bill.

Certified EHR System

We have created an Electronic Health Record System that allows you to start your new practice. See your patients, connect with physicians, with the click of a button.

Medical Billing

We heard you. You want to be able to get paid for your services and stop those additional fees. Mobile MediClaim gives you access to medical billing. No third parties required. Your money is yours.

The New Era of PharmacyTM allows you to use your expertise to bill wherever you are seamlessly.

Here’s how we’re changing pharmacy

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Mobile MediClaim

Credentialing, EHR System and Medical billing.