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    Mobile MediClaim is the Preferred Claim System for Your Medical Services.

    With over 35+ years experience in medical and pharmacy claim billing, Mobile MediClaim ensures your success.

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    We think the process should be easy. Submit claims, connect with physicians, with the click of a button.

    Manage and send claims from one central source

    We heard you. You want to be connected through one platform, so we made it happen. Over 1 million physicians, pharmacists, and nurse practitioners alike are integrated with us!

    Point Of Service Claim Submission

    We want you to get paid for everything you do. That is why everything is under one house, ours. Enter the required fields, and we do the rest. It's instantaneous, sent to whatever carrier requested. Yes, it's that easy.

    Cloud based billing system, with a simple intuitive billing interface


    Best in class medical eligibility.

    We have created Medical Eligibility access for your growing practice, so claims and medical eligibility are easy.

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