Mobile MediClaim Featured in Washington State Pharmacy Association Magazine

Mobile MediClaim, a WSPA business partner who provides cloud-based medical billing practice software designed to integrate pharmacy professionals as part of the medical team, is led by CEO Jean Jendusa. We were lucky enough to get Jean to participate in a discussion about pharmacists as providers and the ever-increasing role a pharmacist has in providing access to better health care. … Read More

3 Ways Your Fear of using Software is Crippling Your Business

Stopping Revenue– All Software is not useless. Sure, some software is a fad, but not Mobile MediClaim. Mobile MediClaim is a tool that allows you to bill for your time. With hundreds of medical procedure codes, in easy to use tables, with mirroring diagnosis codes, and a 99.9% clean claim rate, when you hit the ENTER button, you know the … Read More

Mobile MediClaim’s Strategic Partner

Mobile MediClaim and WSPA form new business partnership to provide medical billing solutions The Washington State Pharmacy Association (WSPA) and Mobile MediClaim have formed a strategic partnership to offer the Mobile MediClaim software application and services in Washington State. As a WSPA preferred business partner, Mobile MediClaim will collaborate with WSPA to enhance and empower Washington State pharmacists’ role as … Read More