Mobile MediClaim joins WSPA as a business partner February, 2018

Pharmacists are in the hearts of our communities, servicing patients across the country and are not adequately reimbursed for their professional services. We have a solution. Mobile MediClaim is an immediate solution to the preservation and future of independent pharmacy practice. We have a commitment to help the independent pharmacist succeed in being an intricate part of the healthcare model.

Tell us about how you started?
We were founded as Mobile MediClaim in 2016 by Jean Jendusa; a former independent, multi-specialty, pharmacy owner. She is determined to share her skills, knowledge, and expertise with independent pharmacists and independent practices in local communities everywhere. She is currently working with employers and health payers to help reduce medical spend while creating proactive, preventative programs for their employees while re-integrating the pharmacist back into healthcare.

From cutting her first tooth in her parents’ pharmacy in 1963, and throughout her college years, Jean lived andbreathed Pharmacy. She helped the family business grow into a sophisticated, personalized, medical community pharmacy. Jendusa Pharmacy was a pharmacy that serviced all patients, with all disease states and was noted throughout the state of Wisconsin, as well as southern states. They became the first pharmacy in Wisconsin to have an outpatient computer. The Jendusa family pharmacy was always at the cutting edge of service and technology. Direct patient care was a part of their daily lives and they were at the heart of their community, as well as many others.

Why was Mobile MediClaim created?

Mobile MediClaim was created out of a personal passion to enable independent pharmacy practice and ownership to not only survive, but thrive. We provide independent pharmacists the ability to be contracted and recognized with all employers and payers. The pharmacist can now help to reduce patients’ medical costs while making them healthier. The pharmacist should be recognized as a member of the healthcare team. Mobile MediClaim provides the tools which speaks the language of the physicians, employers, and payers.

How can Mobile MediClaim ensure success?
Mobile MediClaim allows the pharmacist access to a recognized network of payers for preventative services. Our platform negotiates behind the scenes for your future in employer and payer networks. It gets reimbursement for your services. Mobile MediClaim also provides you with leadership tools and professional leaders within the industry to help you succeed. While your business is thriving you become a recognized team member of the healthcare model. Mobile MediClaim makes you part of the solution to our healthcare dilemma. We will empower you to succeed; we will empower your business to succeed.

What can Mobile MediClaim do for our members?
Mobile MediClaim will assist pharmacists with a mobile tool that allows them to bill for their professional services. We allow them to create new activities and opportunities! We represent their services to payers and employers. We beef up their leadership skills. We help them help themselves and their patients. It is our mission and vision to see independent pharmacists succeed in all areas of their practice.